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Moved to Etsy

So this blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Check out Lauren’s Etsy shop which she has been keeping up with:


Run, T, Run!

T completed his second 5K ever this morning when we ran (as a family) in the Race Against Crime downtown. This race is cool because you start & run the first part of the race outside downtown, then you finish up inside the dome. The finish line is actually on the field, which is cool.

TPeaux & I ran, Mimi & Aunt Jessi walked, and we’re not really sure WHAT John did… but he did manage to win. He was the fastest NOPD officer running today. Yes, there was more than one! 😉

Many of you know that my mom has been on an incredible weight-loss journey over the past year. If you don’t know about it, you can read about it here. She walked her first 5K in June (on her birthday), and has been on a roll ever since. She & my dad did a 5K on Thanksgiving day. Today was her third 5K… I couldn’t be more proud of her!

We all had a great time & celebrated with breakfast at Camellia Grill after. Yes, greasy spoon fare after a 5K… This is New Orleans, people.

Ready to run!

The whole gang!

post-race photo op on the field in the Superdome.

My personal favorite. T was hanging out on the 35 yard line. Some random lady actually snapped this pic and then texted it to me! Yay for strangers! 🙂

Because I couldn’t resist…

Well, since I suck at embedding video… here’s a link to the most awesome news story I’ve seen in awhile.

Yep, that’s my husband. He’s a pretty awesome guy. During the day, he’s Daddy Extraordinaire. He lays under the floor gym and plays with T, makes up silly songs and changes explosive diapers. By night, he’s a crime fighting machine.

He’s really good at both jobs. His only fault: those cheesy sunglasses!



Save or Splurge?

These are the things I wish I had, and the things I wish I didn’t. Things I splurged on but shouldn’t have, and things I wish I would have spent more money on… This post is mainly a reminder for me next time around. Hopefully I’ll have an actual clue for the next baby!!!

1. Bottles. Why, oh, WHY did I think I needed 20+ bottles?!? Seriously. I still have packs of bottles in T’s closet that haven’t even been opened. We’ve been using the same 3 since T was born. I know he will use them more when I go back to work in two weeks, but he’ll still only be getting 3 bottles/day. Even if I only wash bottles once a work week, I’ll still have some that went unused!

2. Glider. I love, love, LOVE my glider. I probably clock 2 hours/day in that thing. When T was first born, I was in it constantly. Unfortunately, I only spent $130 on it. I got the cheapest one Target had. I should have splurged here. The cushion on it is pretty thin/flimsy, and it’s already starting to show signs on wear. Next time, I’m selling ours on Craigslist and purchasing a nicer one.

3. Breastpump. I have a lovely Medela Pump-in-Style fancy-pants double electric pump. I also have a Medela Harmony manual pump. Guess which one I use more? The little, $35 manual pump. For sure. Hands down. It’s smaller, more convenient, and honestly, just as efficient. I get more milk in the same amount of time without the hassle of hooking up the tubes, plugging in, etc.

4. Swing. I didn’t want to buy a swing because they’re so expensive. We got a (great) hand-me-down travel swing. Ours is a few years old, but the ones they have now cost about $50. I love it. T napped in it constantly for the first 3 months of his life. He sometimes plays in it now when I’m getting ready. We will use it for the next 14 babies. The only downside: be sure you DO NOT (under any circumstances) run out of batteries. Thankfully, I married Mr. Prepared, so this is not an issue in our house. I just don’t think spending $100+ on a swing we would have gotten 3 months use out of is reasonable. Plus, the big ones are so… big.

5. Floor Gym. T loves his floor gym. He likes to play on it, and will last a good 20-30 minutes before he gets bored. But, he is honestly just as happy on a blanket. He lasts the same 20-30 minutes, and a blanket is less than $10.

6. Diaper Champ. So, I definitely like this one more than the diaper genie. It keeps the smell away & you don’t have to buy the expensive refill bags… just use your regular garbage bags. But honestly, it takes up a ton of space. I think a small stainless steel pop-up lid trashcan would work just as well. It would also probably be less expensive.

Daycare Drama.

Well, I’ve officially had my first total mama meltdown. Ok, that’s a lie. I’ve had a few meltdowns in the past 4 months. But, most of them happened in the first 6 weeks of T’s life and could definitely be contributed to the craziness that is postpartum hormones.

Anyway. We went to the daycare (which is part of a local church) last week to register T, since I’ll be going back to work in August. When we initially visited in April, it was a nice, clean, slightly dated– yet lovely facility. When we went last week to register, we found out they were actually remodeling the daycare facility. They had moved the classes over to the adult Sunday school wing.

Now, I should preface this by saying that there was really nothing wrong with where they had the kids. It just… wasn’t what I expected.

The director was gone for the day when we got there, so we couldn’t register T that day anyway. It’s a good thing, because I got in the car and LOST IT. It was a moment of, “I can’t leave my baaaaaaaay-beeeeeee.” There were a lot of tears, a lot of snot, and a lot of babbling on incoherently. Thankfully, my husband knows just what to do in those types of situations.

He took me out to dinner.

We talked it over and decided that maybe daycare wasn’t where we wanted T after all. Of course, with just 3 weeks left until I went back to work, we were gonna need to think fast.

Ultimately, we decided that my sister and one of my closest friends (who happens to have a baby boy just 2 weeks younger than T) are going to take care of him for us! John is always home in the afternoons, so we really just needed someone in the mornings.

I’m thrilled. Of course, I’m still sad to leave my baby. I can’t believe I won’t be the one taking care of him all the time anymore. I’ll really miss that!