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My Etsy Obsession

Lately it seems like all I want to do is buy things on Etsy. Things I like. Things I want. Things I need. If you haven’t checked out Etsy, you should take a minute to do so. It’s like a giant online craft fair.

I have a whole list of items I want to buy, but my favorite by far is this adorable “car caddy.” Clearly it will be a good little while before T is ready for matchbox cars, but I am so in love with this!

It rolls up neatly, so it can fit in my purse. Then, when we’re somewhere boring like the dentist’s office, or a restaurant, or a grown up’s house where there are no toys… Voila! Instant entertainment! Hours of fun!

It unrolls into a little race track road, and has 5 tiny pockets for 5 different matchbox cars. Who doesn’t love tiny pockets?? Plus, the adorable car print is, well, ADORABLE! I may be jumping the gun here, but I’m just about ready to order one (or two, or three…) of these!