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Because I couldn’t resist…

Well, since I suck at embedding video… here’s a link to the most awesome news story I’ve seen in awhile.

Yep, that’s my husband. He’s a pretty awesome guy. During the day, he’s Daddy Extraordinaire. He lays under the floor gym and plays with T, makes up silly songs and changes explosive diapers. By night, he’s a crime fighting machine.

He’s really good at both jobs. His only fault: those cheesy sunglasses!




Working Mama

Well, the time has come. After spending almost 5 (amazing!) months posing as a stay-at-home-mom, I am officially back at work. I have to say, I don’t know how women who don’t love their jobs can go back. The only things making the separation more bearable are:

1. Awesome (seriously. AWESOME.) friends and family members who are willing to take care of T in the morning for us

2. A beyond amazing husband who is a great Daddy & spends several hours every afternoon taking care of T

3. The fact that I absolutely adore my job. I have a great boss, fabulous coworkers, and such great students!

This week and next week will just be teacher in-service. I honestly really enjoy in-service with my coworkers. I know you probably think I’m lying, but we really do have a good time. The planning meetings are productive, and I always learn a lot in the professional development. I really love my job, and I want to be better at it. Of course, it’s also fun to set up my classroom!

Right now, I’m totally consumed with revamping my policies, procedures, and lesson plans from last year. So, if there seems to be a lull on the blog… don’t worry. I haven’t died. Things are just a little hectic right now! On that note, I’ll leave you with a pic of me and my Sweet T! We had so much fun playing together all summer long, and I’m really missing him at work. But, I know he’s in good hands. I think he’s even having a really good time with his Daddy!

***Awesome computer for sale***

Update: SOLD Thanks to all who expressed interest in purchasing this PC.

My wife allowed me to “guest post” to her popular blog in order to drive some potential buyers to a sale I have going on. I’m trying to part ways with my gaming PC so if anybody is interested here is the link:
Here are the specs:

•Logisys Computer Logisys ASSEMBLED CS888CL Clear Case (I cut an extra fan slot in the top for more heat exhaust)

•K9N2G Neo motherboard

•AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.2 GHZ CPU

•3 GB GSkill RAM with red heat sinks (2x 1GB and 2x 512mb) (new from Newegg but I can’t find the invoice in the mountain of invoices on my account)

•Artic Cooling Freezer Pro CPU heatsink (similar to this one but REV1

•Northbridge heatsink (I think Artic Cooling as well)

•Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT (PCIe 512mb with aftermarket cooling)

•Nvidia GeForce 8200 (on board) both video cards I set in the BIOS to share VRAM to give me 1GB of VRAM

•Western Digital VelociRaptor WD1500HLFS 150GB 10000 RPM SATA (used for OS drive)

•5x Seagate HDDs (I believe at 120GB a piece but was set in RAID 5 and was used for storage)

•Corsair 850 Watt PSU with video card connections

•Hauppauge TV tuner card

•1 DVD-RW burner

•1 LightScribe burner (Windows 7 didn’t recognize this drive as LightScribe and I read that this was a common problem with Windows 7 and the LS drives. I never used LS on it so it was never a problem)

•Call of Duty modern warfare (valid CD key in original packaging)

•Empire total war (valid CD key in original packaging. I registered this with Steam but it should still register. If not I can get it reset.)
*Both games are not installed on any other computer and will be shipped in this sale. San Andreas and SCII are not included.

•Xbox 360 controller (I left console gaming and move to PC gaming so I was used to playing with a controller. I had this set up for use in Call of Duty)

I’m asking for $400.00 shipped OBO. I’m open to offers! It is a little heavy so shipping will be on the high end but I’ll eat it with the included cost. This has been the coolest project and the best gaming PC I’ve ever built. Give her a good home! She still has years of life left in her.

If the price is updated it will be reflected on the main thread at so check that link for the updated price.

True Confession…

…My husband comes up with better content for this blog than I do! He’s full of great ideas. He’s also a pretty great dad.