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…The Dairy Queen, that is!

True confession: I have fabulous friends. Friends who read my blog. And get me DQ shirts!!!! I’m seriously in love with this Tshirt. I want to wear it everywhere! It makes me giggle every time I put it on. I’m giggling now just looking at the picture.

Big thanks to Ms. Carolyn for the awesome shirt… I would never have thought to go find a Dairy Queen shirt! Wheee!


Finally Got Around To…

…Making those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I posted about!

After T’s EKG, we went over to play with Braci & Jalen. Jalen is 3 whole days older than T, so Braci & I always have a lot to talk about! While we were there, I brought over the ingredients for the cookies (minus the chocolate chips… which I forgot. Of course. Braci thankfully had some on hand. I now have chocolate chips to snack on at home!). They turned out pretty good, although there was a minor discrepancy about the flaxseed. Apparently, I was supposed to buy flaxseed meal. I bought flaxseed. Whoops. We found out after the fact that you can grind the flaxseed in a coffee grinder and add them to the cookies that way.  By then it was too late. I’m not very good at following directions!

Anyways, the cookies were yummy, and the babies had a good time. Jalen has cool toys… T really liked his Johnny Jump Up. We might be making a trip to Target to get one soon. He bounced up and down and enjoyed spinning himself around to get a 360 view of the room.

Jalen & T are becoming friends, so we thought they should have a picture together. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to try to capture a picture of TWO 4-month-olds? Someone is always moving. By someone, I mean T.  Also, he doesn’t understand that we can’t eat our friends. We have to work on that. It won’t be long before these two are “rasslin” together.

Eventually, we got a keeper! Stressful EKG aside, I give this day an A+!

P.S. Braci, if you’re reading this, I went back and looked at the recipe again. It DID call for baking soda. Again with the  following directions!

The Blogroll Blues

So, I’m generally not one to blog about blogging… I think it’s kinda pointless. But on that note, I’m going to go against my instincts & take a few minutes to blog about blogging. Can I just say that I have a bad case of the Blogroll Blues?

I cannot, for the life of me, get my blogroll to look the way I want it to look. Seriously, march your little hiney over to the right sidebar and take a look for yourself. There’s all these random dots and I’m missing links to two of the blogs that are most definitely saved to my blogroll. For some reason the links aren’t showing up. Ugg! Is there some kind of limit to how many blogs I can read? Apparently I’ve already exceeded it. Maybe I just need a new layout?

If I happen to have any tech-savvy readers (ahem, JOHN…) out there who can help me with this annoying problem, I will show you some love.

On that note, I’m gonna cuddle my baby!