Geaux T!

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year… Football season!

I love this time of year… of course, I love the actual sport of football, and I love watching the Tigers play, but more than that I love spending time with my family. Our family loves football… I mean, most families in America do love football, so that’s no surprise, really. We always get together for the games and my Mom makes a huge spread of snacks and “game food,” and we just spend the whole day talking and laughing and watching the games. It’s always so much fun. My dad has all of the Golden Band from Tigerland’s football music on his iPod, so during the game we sing along to “Hey Baby,” and “Chinese Bandits,” as if we’re really in the stadium.

At least once a season we pack up our game day party and tailgate in Baton Rouge… it’s always the highlight of the season. This year we’ll only be tailgating once– for the LSU vs. Florida game in October.

This past Saturday, we game-dayed at my parents’ house. I think our whole family was looking forward to T’s first football game. His amazing Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Angelique got him a #8 jersey with his name printed on the back. Those of you who don’t know– Trindon Holliday wore #8 during his years at LSU. Obviously, he was the inspiration for T’s name, so the #8 jersey is very special to us! I was so. very. unbelievably. incredibly. excited to find out that his jersey fits him just in time for football season!!! It’s still a little roomy, which is good. We need it to fit until the bowl games in January!

Dad got a new smoker for his birthday, so we smoked ribs and a Boston butt and macaroni and cheese. We also smoked a couple of ducks– Since we were playing the Oregon Ducks, after all. Thankfully, the tigers also smoked the ducks. We had a great time celebrating T’s first football season!

T watching the game… he loves TV, especially football on TV!


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  1. Kelly Garcia Singletary

    Great post! It was a fun day! And T was adorable!

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