Save or Splurge?

These are the things I wish I had, and the things I wish I didn’t. Things I splurged on but shouldn’t have, and things I wish I would have spent more money on… This post is mainly a reminder for me next time around. Hopefully I’ll have an actual clue for the next baby!!!

1. Bottles. Why, oh, WHY did I think I needed 20+ bottles?!? Seriously. I still have packs of bottles in T’s closet that haven’t even been opened. We’ve been using the same 3 since T was born. I know he will use them more when I go back to work in two weeks, but he’ll still only be getting 3 bottles/day. Even if I only wash bottles once a work week, I’ll still have some that went unused!

2. Glider. I love, love, LOVE my glider. I probably clock 2 hours/day in that thing. When T was first born, I was in it constantly. Unfortunately, I only spent $130 on it. I got the cheapest one Target had. I should have splurged here. The cushion on it is pretty thin/flimsy, and it’s already starting to show signs on wear. Next time, I’m selling ours on Craigslist and purchasing a nicer one.

3. Breastpump. I have a lovely Medela Pump-in-Style fancy-pants double electric pump. I also have a Medela Harmony manual pump. Guess which one I use more? The little, $35 manual pump. For sure. Hands down. It’s smaller, more convenient, and honestly, just as efficient. I get more milk in the same amount of time without the hassle of hooking up the tubes, plugging in, etc.

4. Swing. I didn’t want to buy a swing because they’re so expensive. We got a (great) hand-me-down travel swing. Ours is a few years old, but the ones they have now cost about $50. I love it. T napped in it constantly for the first 3 months of his life. He sometimes plays in it now when I’m getting ready. We will use it for the next 14 babies. The only downside: be sure you DO NOT (under any circumstances) run out of batteries. Thankfully, I married Mr. Prepared, so this is not an issue in our house. I just don’t think spending $100+ on a swing we would have gotten 3 months use out of is reasonable. Plus, the big ones are so… big.

5. Floor Gym. T loves his floor gym. He likes to play on it, and will last a good 20-30 minutes before he gets bored. But, he is honestly just as happy on a blanket. He lasts the same 20-30 minutes, and a blanket is less than $10.

6. Diaper Champ. So, I definitely like this one more than the diaper genie. It keeps the smell away & you don’t have to buy the expensive refill bags… just use your regular garbage bags. But honestly, it takes up a ton of space. I think a small stainless steel pop-up lid trashcan would work just as well. It would also probably be less expensive.


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  1. Good to know for future reference. I think there needs to be another edition of this!

  2. Interesting about the breast pump — I was wishing for an electric! I have the same manual one and never get more than 2 ounces out at once. Do you find it works better than that for you?

    • Yes, I usually get 4+ oz with my hand pump. When I use the electric, I get between 3-4 oz in the same amount of time. It took a lot of pumping for me to get the 4 oz, though. It doesn’t seem to matter which pump I use, but the more I pump, the better my body responds to the pump.

  3. I LOVE my glider. My parents got it for me from Babies R Us the day after T-giving. We have the Dr. Brown bottles, we don’t use them too often but I would probably chose a different bottle with less parts to clean. We have one of the big cradle swings but it doesn’t have a 5 point harness and he could easily roll out when he got old enough to wiggle around. I think I would have like one of the travel swings that we could move from room to room. I am glad we didn’t get the expensive floor gym. We got the $30 gym and he loves the ball that hangs. I love the diaper champ also. Two more that I would add to the list are the exercauser (or jumperoo) and the boppy. We use them multiple times a day.

    • We’re huuuuge fans of the jumparoo… but those things are $70! We definitely wouldn’t have bought it if it weren’t a hand-me-down. T loves it, but I’m wondering how long he will actually use it? I kinda think in a few months (when he’s crawling), he might be over it! We’ll have to wait and see, though!

  4. Lauren, you will be surprised Colby had the Baby Einstein jumper/activity thing and he used it up until he was a year old…even once he was mobile I would still put him in it sometimes so I could eat or do something else without him getting into trouble…he might not have loved it but he tolerated it and still liked playing with the toys on it. Like I say you will want to contain him sometimes even after he’s crawling!

  5. I just invested in a handpump and I love it, but last week during VBS I was pumping so much.. It was really painful! Any recommendations for these times when I pump so often? (My electric pump, is one that I am borrowing for my aunt.. I know what you mean about the tubes and such.. and finding a plug.. I like being able to pump so easily in the car!)

    I put bottles on my registry.. luckily only one person got me some bottles.. We only use two bottles and not even the brand I registered for. Lol.

    Our swing is a hand me down too! But we just started using it. I am afraid she is already too big, but so far, so good.


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