Starting Solids!

It’ll only be a couple more months before T starts solids. Probably sometime in September. Apparently, there’s a whole list of items you “must have” for starting solids. Thankfully, we received a lot of wonderful items for this new stage of life, so I think we are prepared-ish.

This is completely new territory for me… so I’m going to ask for a little audience participation. I need your opinions on my list of items. This is what we have so far… Tell me what I’m missing, what I’ll love, and what I’ll hate!

1. Food Processor. Just a small one. I am planning to make most of T’s baby food (making your own costs less than half the price of buying jars!) Obviously, I’ll only be able to make small batches at a time in this processor. I’m not sure if I’ll regret that or not… But this processor got the best reviews in our budget.

2. Spoons. We have this 6-pack. I can’t imagine needing more than that until he’s a toddler? Maybe I’m wrong…

3. Bowls with Lids. We have this 6-pack of bowls, too, which I figure will be convenient since they have lids. We also have a couple of cutesy plates/bowls as well.

4. Mesh Feeder. This just looked like fun & I couldn’t resist. So I got it! I froze some breast milk in it the other day and gave it to him as a treat. He really liked the “boobsicle,” once he figured out it was his milk in there.

5. High Chair. I wasn’t sure how much space we would have for an actual high chair, so we got this small one that straps onto a chair. We weren’t sure if we would still be in our apartment or a house when we registered. So far, I like it… of course, we have only used it for playing since T isn’t actually eating anything yet.

6. Big Bibs. We have two similar to this one.

Is there anything I’m missing? Fill in my list for me, please! 🙂


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  1. Hey Lauren, this is Rebecca Hord Hederman. We have the highchair that straps to the chair and I LOVE it!!! Takes up little space and I can move it around easly depending on what I need it for. I also like that I can take the tray off and use it as a booster seat now that she likes to sit at the table like a “big girl”! Good luck on this new adventure! P.S. Love reading the posts!!!!

    • Hey Becca! Glad to hear a good review of the mini-highchair… I had the same thought about taking off the tray when he’s older. Heard you moved back to our great state? We should get together sometime soon! 🙂

  2. I made my own baby food, too, with Lynnsie and you’re right, it saves so much money! I stopped keeping up at 2 months….close to $300 saved!! I would spend about 2 hours and make a huge batch of several different foods (usually make a couple of weeks worth), mix them up with my breast milk to the consistency she was ready for, and then poured them into ice trays to freeze. They make the perfect little 1 oz serving size and you can thaw out as much or as little as you need. They make special baby food making trays with a lid, but an ice tray holds more and is cheaper – I just saran-wrapped them to keep anything else from touching it in the freezer. Then, once they were frozen, I put them in a freezer bag and labeled it – Squash, 4/5/10 – to keep up with when I made it. I would also keep a few jars of food on hand to grab real quick if you are out of baby food, don’t have time to thaw, or are going to be feeding him while you’re out. Happy Baby Food Making!!

    • Awesome feedback! Thanks!! I just ordered the baby ice trays because I plan to use them for my milk too. For my milk, I wanted the trays with lids that are secure because I think I’d cry if my milk spilled out. I figured it would be a good way to save some money since I’ll be going back to work soon & those Lansinoh bags are getting expensive. I’ll use one tray for baby food and one tray for my milk. I’m not sure how big the batches I’ll make will be… with over 200 oz of frozen milk (ridiculous, right?) we’re a little low on freezer space. I may have to make a week at a time or something.

  3. I would also get a steamer or a steamer insert if you don’t have one yet. I personally bought this one and quite happy with my purchase:

    • I’ve been thinking about a steamer… It would definitely be quicker and easier than roasting everything in the oven. I’m wondering if there’s a way to steam in the microwave, though, so I could get around buying a steamer?

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