A Few of My Favorite Things, Part III

Yep… More of our favorites! These items have really silly names. So if you are reading this blog and you don’t have kids… feel free to have a chuckle. The first time I heard of these products, I laughed. Not to go off on a tangent here, but does anyone ever think that they make WAAAAAAAAY too many baby items? I mean, seriously… and they convince you that you ab-so-lutely NEED every single one of them. It’s ridiculous. And genius.

Thankfully, we received about a million hand-me-downs, so we were able to try out all the different toys without having to shell out so much cash. That’s the most important part of having a baby… make sure someone you know has a baby BEFORE you, so you can get all the great hand-me-downs! Anyways, on with the list:

1. The Bumbo. If you look at my pictures on Facebook, then you know that we are pretty big Bumbo fans. According to our family, this item can also be referred to as the “bumper,” the “bummer,” and (my personal favorite) the “bimbo.”

T started using this around 6 weeks… basically as soon as he could hold his head up well enough to try it out. The second I put him in it, it was his favorite. He loves being upright so he can see the world, and the Bumbo helps him do that. T is still using the Bumbo quite a bit these days, although he usually prefers to be free to roll around on the floor. He likes to sit in it on the bathroom counter when I’m doing my hair and makeup in the mornings. He also likes to be on the kitchen counter when I’m cooking dinner. Basically… as long as we put the Bumbo in the center of all the action, T is a happy camper. I can’t imagine where he gets that from! When we were on vacation at the beach, I came back from shopping to find T in the Bumbo on the coffee table. All the guys were sitting around him playing cards, and he was just as happy as can be. He was about 10 weeks then.

2. The Boppy. Now, in our house, these two items get confused very often. I will get T up from his nap and ask John to grab the Boppy for me so I can nurse the little guy. John will come back with the Bumbo. This happens approximately twice a day. It becomes an interesting version of Who’s on First when I repeatedly ask him for the Boppy and he insists that he already brought it to me. Meanwhile, poor T just wants his lunch and could not possibly care less whether or not we have all the proper feeding accessories. At first, we had to use the Boppy at every feeding because I was not coordinated enough to support T, and feedings took so long at the beginning that I needed a Boppy and several other pillows to be comfortable. Now that we’re much better at the whole breastfeeding thing, I just like it because I can rest my laptop on it and blog while I feed! 😉 T also likes to recline in the Boppy on the sofa, on our bed, sometimes in his crib for naps, and on the floor. He thinks it’s comfy! Sometimes, John likes to put him on his belly in the Boppy and watch him vault over it. It’s actually pretty impressive.


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First-time Mom & second grade teacher from the great state of Louisiana. Loves coffee. Hates traffic jams.

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  1. When I came for a playdate the other day I saw your bumbo and put Lo in there and ofcourse he had that minor explosion…but anyway, it was his second time that day in a friend’s bumbo and I’m not sure which one of us, me or him, enjoyed it more. Ofcourse, I HAD to go out and get Logan one asap. We now have a bumbo of our own to get comfy enough to make poops in. major poops. Thanks T for letting us use your tub for our emergency wash! Sowwwy for the bumbo mess!

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