Adventures in Sleep Training, Part II

I’m not sure I could ask for a more amazing, happy, easy baby. When Dr. Brown said that T could/should be sleeping 8 hours at a time, I was very worried. I didn’t think there would be any way to accomplish that without a huge fight, and I don’t wanna fight with my baby! Turns out, no fight necessary for this awesome dude. Here’s a quick recap of our sleep training adventure so far:

Night 1: Had fever from shots and got Tylenol. Put himself to sleep in less than 3 minutes with zero crying after a good ten minute snuggle session. Woke once after 6 hours to eat.

Night 2: Put himself to sleep in ten minutes with one minute and forty seconds of fussing. Not crying. Woke after 4 hours, but put himself back to sleep after Dad retrieved his nu-nu and started his musical seahorse. 3 minutes of crying. Woke again 2.5 hours later (6.5 hours since his last meal) to eat. Went right back to sleep for another 4 hours. Woke up happily jibber-jabbering in his crib while I brushed teeth, went potty, etc.

Night 3: Put himself to sleep in less than ten minutes with about 2 minutes of crying. Woke after 6 hours, but went back to sleep very quickly with help from a nu-nu and trusty Mr. Seahorse. Woke an hour later (yep, that’s 7 hours of sleep!) to eat and went right back to sleep for 3 hours. Woke up happy for the day!

Night 4: Put himself to sleep in under 5 minutes with no crying/fussing. Woke after 5 hours, fussed for less than 2 minutes, put himself back to sleep. Woke again after another 2 hours (7 hour stretch!!) to eat, fell back asleep for another 3 hours & woke up very happy for the morning!

Night 5: Put himself to sleep quickly. No crying. No fussing, either. Woke up after 6 hours to eat, then slept another 3.5 hours, and woke ready to start the day at 5:30am. I was definitely NOT ready to start the day, so I convinced him to cuddle in bed with me for almost 2 hours. He nursed and slept a little, then jibber-jabbered until about 7:30.

Night 6: Got a late start… we were at my parent’s house celebrating my husband’s birthday. He had spent the day with my mom while hubby & I took a few hours to ourselves to go on a date. Still put himself to sleep quickly with no crying. Woke up after 5 hours screaming for me. We tried to give him the nu-nu to get him back to sleep, but to no avail. He wanted mom. I nursed him. We had missed each other, I guess. The whole process took about an hour since we tried to nu-nu him first for about 20 minutes. Then he went back to sleep for another 4 hours. When he woke up at 6, I brought him in bed with me to nurse and cuddle. We fell back asleep for two hours! It was lovely.

I think he’s doing great… We couldn’t ask for more! Aside from the “I miss Mommy” bump in the road last night, this has gone ridiculously smoothly. I thought there would be more tears involved. I can’t believe that he pretty much did this all by himself without any crying!!! It’s a miracle, I think! If we can eliminate that “give me my nu-nu, please” waking at 1am, we’ll be doing perfectly! I don’t mind getting up to feed him at 3-4 after seven or eight hours of sleep… In fact, I really enjoy it! I miss him at night! I’m wondering, though, how this is going to go once I go back to work. I wouldn’t be shocked if there were more night wakings.

And, now… because I simply couldn’t resist:


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  1. Isn’t cuddling/nursing/nap time heavenly?
    My favorites!

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