4 Months Old!

We took T to his 4-month well baby visit today. I love taking him to the doctor. He isn’t really bothered by shots, and we love, love, LOVE our pediatrician. She’s fantastic. She always gives us such positive feedback and is very knowledgeable when answering our questions. Of course, she did go to medical school… 🙂 Anyways, here are his 4-month stats:

Weight: 15 lbs, 12 ozs. He’s in the 75th percentile for weight.
Length: 25 inches, & the 70th percentile for height.
Head Circumference: 40.3 CM
Sleeping: Yes, but not through the night. In due time. Sleep training may be in our future?
Solid Food: Nope, we’ll wait another 2 months to start. Just breast milk for this little boy.
Milestones: T is regularly rolling belly to back, and has gone back to belly a few times in the crib when we aren’t looking. He can sit unassisted for a few seconds at a time. He will scoot on his belly a few inches at a time, he’s not going very far though. He smiles, laughs, coos, squeals, and kicks like crazy.

Dr. Brown says he’s got a great weight/height ratio, and she couldn’t believe how big he has gotten since his last visit. His muscle tone is excellent, and he is developing right on track. He had a bit of a murmur when she listened to his heart, but said it was probably nothing to worry about. We scheduled an EKG for later this week just to be sure. He took his shots like a champ… cried a little, but was easily consoled. We couldn’t be more proud! We are so blessed by this little boy. It is amazing to watch him grow! Here are a few pictures we took yesterday to celebrate the 4-month milestone:


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  1. So glad he got a good report! Don’t stress about the murmor I was told at one point I had one but next doctor I saw said I didn’t…I think I just have noisy valves haha…
    Anyway I can’t believe he’s 75th percentile for weight he might catch up to Colby =)!

  2. He’s adorable! We had our visit today too and Charlie’s stats are very similar. Strange though-our doctor told us 90th percentile for length. Now I’m wondering if she got that wrong. He’s 24 inches.

    Congratulations on your four month milestones!

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