Straight Thuggin’

Mister T snuck outta the crib last night.
Went out to the club and got in a fight.
Mom didn’t see this scratch till the mornin’ light,
She didn’t even know about his midnight plight!

Yeah, so I’m not a rapper. Obviously. In other news, T has a huge scratch on his face. Not sure how it happened. His nails were trimmed, I swear. He’s handling it better than I am… It doesn’t even seem to bother him. Probably because his dad told him that chicks dig scars. Oh well, I suppose it’s just one of many he’ll have over the next 18 years or so!


About thedairyqueenmama

First-time Mom & second grade teacher from the great state of Louisiana. Loves coffee. Hates traffic jams.

Posted on July 8, 2011, in Family, Life, Parenting, Trindon. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Kayla Porche

    aww, the poor boo’s nose!! Logan had a huge one on the side of his face by his left eye about a week ago. I was clueless on how he got it as well. I feel like I’m constantly cutting those nails of his! However, i believe his name, ‘Logan’, fits, because his cuts and scrapes heal like Wolverine! That scratch was gone by the next day!! I bet T’s will be healed before you know it!

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