A Few of My Favorite Things, Part II

I told you I had a lot of favorites… here’s two more for ya! The first, we couldn’t live without! The second, definitely a luxury… but we get SO much use out of it:

1. Awesome swaddle blankets!

T loves being swaddled up tight… although he likes to have one arm out so he can suck his thumb. These blankets are the perfect swaddle blankets if you live in South Louisiana. It’s hot here. They’re muslin. Enough said! Plus, they come in super-cute prints and patterns. Elephants, monkeys, dots, stripes… We have eight of them floating around the house. I use them to swaddle T when he’s sleeping, and I always keep one in the diaper bag to use as a cover when I’m nursing. I used to use a “hooter hider,” but now that it’s so warm out I’ve been opting for these lightweight blankets instead. I can position them so that T’s head is uncovered, which is especially important to him in this heat!

2. Our Cadillac of a stroller:

Okay, I actually have a little experience in the stroller department. Many of you know that I was a nanny for several years in college. I did a lot of babysitting, which means I took a lot of kids on a LOT of outings. I got to test drive a million different strollers during that time. Most of them sucked! When it came time to pick our own stroller, I had a very long list of criteria. This stroller had to be GREAT. We are out and about all the time, so we needed something that wouldn’t be a pain. The Bob stroller is awesome. We have the 12″ version, because 16″ wheels seemed a little much for us– we aren’t runners, but we do go for occasional jogs. We love this thing. It turns on a dime, rolls over potholes with ease (which is incredibly important when your city was built on a swamp. Below sea level.), and isn’t nearly as bulky as I thought it would be. The front wheel locks, so when we use it to take T for a run, we are good to go. It also unlocks and swivels so that we can maneuver more easily. It has shocks, and the sun canopy extends waaaaaay out, so T is never in direct sunlight. Seriously, we love this thing.


About thedairyqueenmama

First-time Mom & second grade teacher from the great state of Louisiana. Loves coffee. Hates traffic jams.

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  1. you have a way with words crazy lady!

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